Band 11: Johann Adam Christian Thon (1739–1809)

Das räsonnirende Dorfkonvent, eine gemeinnützige ökonomisch-moralisch-politische Schrift für den Bürger und Landmann. Reprints of parts 1-3, Erfurt 1786–1788 (a selection).

With an afterword by Holger Böning.
Volksaufklärung 11
396 p., 12,5 x 17,3 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-1408-2
Single price:
€ 49.–

The intention of this journal, of which only one single copy seems to have survived, is to »teach the humble, the venerable class of mankind and to enrich it with the knowledge it needs in order to lead a decent and happy life.« The subjects dealt with include agriculture and health care as well as superstition and natural history. Using its literary devices, the journal follows the tradition of the moral weeklies in particular. Due to the length of this remarkable journal, the volume is restricted to a representative selection of articles.

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