Gedächtnismedien im Computerzeitalter.

Edited in cooperation with the Sprengel Museum (Hannover) and the German Association for Aesthetics by Götz-Lothar Darsow.
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How are traditional media such as writing, pictures and works of art changing in the digital revolution? How are archives and museums, the places where they are kept, changing? Well-known experts on cultural studies, art historians and philosophers study the metamorphoses of memory and recollection in the transition to the 21st century. In their articles, they question cultural traditions and create perspectives for the future. The articles make it apparent how very old ideas are conveyed in the seemingly new myths of cyberspace.



Metamorphosen der Medien

Metamorphosen des Museums

  • Jean-Christophe Ammann: Das Museum als Zeitspeicher. Ein Versuch, über Kunst öffentlich nachzudenken
  • Ulrich Krempel: Das Museum als Pharaonengrab. Museum, Ausstellung, Sammlung, Archiv
  • Stefan Grohé: Die Verfügbarkeit der Bilder. Museen und Medien

Metamorphosen der Archive

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