Maria die Himmels-Thür

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Ein anonymes Theophilus-Drama 1655 bei den Straubinger Jesuiten aufgeführt.

Edited by André Schnyder.
Übersetzt und kommentiert in Zusammenarbeit mit Andreas Ammann.

For the first time, this edition presents the text, unique and handed down only in writing, of ›Maria Die Himmels-Thür‹ (Mary The Gates of Heaven), a drama which was performed in Straubing in 1655, to all those doing research in the fields of literary studies, theater history and the histories of themes and piety. Apart from a summary of Straubing’s theater history, which was heavily influenced by the Jesuits, and a text interpretation written by readers from various disciplines, the reprint of the German Periocha, the translation which is parallel to the original Latin text, a commentary referring to languages and subjects as well as an outline of the reception of this material up to the 17th century provide a suitable approach to the text.

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