Rainer A. Bast: Der Wissenschaftsbegriff Martin Heideggers im Zusammenhang seiner Philosophie

XVI, 245 p., 18,3 x 26,5 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-1142-5
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This book attempts to provide evidence of the concept of science as an indicator of the development of Heidegger’s thinking. In doing so, it becomes quite clear that the turn from the early Heidegger to ›Sein und Zeit‹ (Being and Time) was more sweeping than the turn away from ›Sein und Zeit‹. The in-depth analysis of the text shows that ›Sein und Zeit‹ did not fail because it remained a torso only but because key terms of existential analysis failed. This was not however due merely to contradictions within the system but on the contrary due to a development within ›Sein und Zeit‹ which on the one hand prepared for Heidegger’s turn after this work and on the other hand contains indications of the theory,which no one had dared to suggest up to now, that ›Sein und Zeit‹ is a patchwork. Bast’s critical analyses adhere strictly to Heidegger’s text, are documented in detail and do not contain any text-external assessments.

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