Karen Gloy / Rainer Lambrecht: Bibliographie zu Hegels ›Enzyklopädie der philosophischen Wissenschaften im Grundrisse‹

Primär- und Sekundärliteratur 1817–1994.

123 p., 13,3 x 21,6 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-1631-4
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Since the 70s, interest in Hegel’s ›Enzyklopädie‹ (Encyclopedia) has been growing. This interest has increased due to Hegel’s manuscripts and notes which were rediscovered recently and has resulted in a constantly increasing number of individual studies of logic, natural philosophy and philosophy of mind. This bibliography includes a complete list of all single editions and collected editions, translations and secondary literature from 1817 up to the present time. In chronological order, it will enable the researcher to easily get an overview of the literature and provides a tool which shows the developments and trends in the interpretation of Hegel.

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