Heinrich Nolle: Parergi Philosophici Speculum. Spiegel des chymischen Parergon (1623)

Herausgegeben und übersetzt von Simon Bandl, Jost Eickmeyer and Volkhard Wels.
Umschlagfoto – nicht vorhanden
300 p., 1 ill.
ISBN 978-3-7728-2947-5
August 2022

Heinrich Nolle’s ›Parergi Philosophici Speculum‹, which Carlos Gilly describes as the »most beautiful Rosicrucian novel after the ›Chymische Hochzeit‹«, has not yet received any significant attention in scholarship. This seems mostly due to the small number of copies that have been passed on, since most exemplars were confiscated by the authorities. The allegorical narrative negotiates various concepts of knowledge, to which Nolle occasionally takes a satirical stand. The programme of a religious reorganisation is linked to these conceptions of knowledge. The text t opens up new perspectives on early Rosicrucianismand Alchemy around 1620.

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