Adolf Bonhöffer: Die Ethik des Stoikers Epictet

Faksimile-Neudruck der Ausgabe Stuttgart 1894.

2*, VIII, 278 p., 15,5 x 21,0 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-0077-1
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The philosophy of the Stoics may doubtlessly be seen as one of the most influential doctrines not only in antiquity but also in the following years. In a way, it was Epictetus who led the Stoic doctrine back to its routes. Although he was a philosopher of the so-called younger Stoics in the first and second post-Christian centuries, he advocated the doctrinal content of the school of philosophy’s founders forcefully. In this volume, Adolf Bonhöffer elaborates on the relationship of Epictetus to his predecessors and his successors, on the basis of the two disciplines of anthropology and psychology, and emphasizes how in his works » we are confronted with the original philosophy of the Stoics more clearly and vividly than in any other secondary source.«



»Die beiden Werke Bonhöffers betreffen in erster Linie ein Mitglied der neueren Stoa [...] sie bieten auch für die Gesamtschule Resultate tiefdringendster Forschungen und gehören zum besten, was über die Lehre der stoischen Schule jemals geschrieben worden ist.«

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