Horst-Dieter Finke

Born 17.08.1945 in Wilhelmshaven

Commercial education and training

Master of Business Administration in Wilhelmshaven

Department manager at a Distance Learning Agency

Studied philosophy at the university of Hamburg; PhD

Assistant to the director of the regional library in Lower Saxony

Conception and editorial work on several volumes of the ›Handbuch der Geschichte der Philosophie‹ (Handbook of the History of Philosophy, Wilhelm Totok): Antiquity, 18th – 20th century

Revised edition of the ›Bibliographischer Wegweiser der philosophischen Literatur‹ (Bibliographical Companion of Philosophical Literature,W. Totok)

After retirement: compilation of Bibliography of the Key 20th Century Philosophical Writings

Areas of interest:

Epistemology and theory of science (among others: philosopical problems of cosmology, evolution and brain research).

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Horst-Dieter Finke: Bibliographie der wichtigsten philosophischen Werke des 20. Jahrhunderts

Die wichtigsten philosophischen Schriften des 20. Jahrhunderts erstmals systematisch erfasst.

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