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Our services:

  • Copyediting: concept, structure, scientific quality, expression, style, spelling, proofreading (several runs)
  • Proofreading: spelling, grammar and punctuation, foreign-language words, annotations, formatting
  • Production: layout and typesetting, cover and binding design, proofreading (several runs), digital printing in Germany, careful examination of all control steps from typesetting to printing
  • Advertising/press: creation and editing of advertising texts, target-group-oriented advertising in the form of print catalogues, newsletters, special brochures, advertisements and supplements in journals as well as reading samples to currently 10,000 addresses (private and institutional) worldwide, review management (active contact with the relevant journals as well as the authors’ recommendations, reminders to reviewers, dispatch of reviews to authors)
  • Distribution: dispatch of specimen copies to authors, submission of deposit copies to the German National Library and state library (print/e-book), ISBN and DOI assignment, listing in the »Verzeichnis lieferbarer Bücher« (VLB) and relevant bookselling catalogues and directories, availability in national and international bookshops (and online shops and platforms), permanent availability of printed books
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