Abraham von Franckenberg: Briefwechsel

Edited and introduced by Joachim Telle.
437 p., 17,4 x 24,4 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-1666-6
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€ 94.–

This volume provides all the currently available evidence of the correspondence Abraham von Franckenberg (1593–1652), the Silesian biographer of Jacob Böhmes and the author of books on religion, mysticism and natural philosophy, had with more than 30 people starting in 1634. In addition, information is given on letters by and to Franckenberg which were lost or previously unidentified, and one of the most comprehensive documentations of Franckenbergs environment and his mindscape, L. G. Seidenbecher’s records of his discussions with Franckenberg (Danzig 1649), is made available for the first time in a critical edition. The correspondence outlines Franckenberg’s pacifism, his chiliastic theosophy, some »pietistic« characteristics of his efforts as a lay theologian and his position in regard to confessional politics and criticism of the church. The reader will learn a great deal about his scholarly and philological work, his ideas regarding alchemy and natural history and his literary and journalistic achievements and is given information on the heterodox-theosophical dissidents in early modern Protestantism.

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