Johannes Brenz: Der Prediger Salomo

Reprint of the first edition (Hagenau 1528), including a letter by Martin Luthers. Edition on the occasion of the Johannes Brenz anniversary 1970.

With an introduction by Martin Brecht.
XXX, 447 p., 13,0 x 18,5 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-0081-8
Single price:
€ 38.–

The German commentary on Ecclesiastes, written by the Swabian Reformer Johannes Brenz, is one of the most vivid and original reports on Reformation scriptural interpretation. In the expressive power of its language and its printing and layout, this book is one of the treasures of Early Modern High German literature. Its content focuses on the conflict of faith with worldly wisdom and philosophy. Firmly established in the relationship to God, faith is able to judge reality forthrightly and independently.

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