Neue Wege im Verständnis der allerfrühesten Entwicklung des Kindes

Erkenntnisse der Psychopathologie des Säuglingsalters. 8. Symposion der Poliklinik für Kinder- und Jugendpsychotherapie der Technischen Universität München.

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The importance of recent sceintific findings can often be judged by which further questions and problems they raise and by which previously unknown perspectives they reveal. human ethology’s fascinating contributions to the earliest development of the human being seem to be such a treasure of insights containing many inspiring ideas. This pertains especially to psychoanalysis since it provides the appropriate tools for understanding human ethology and the deep significance of its findings. The most recent ethological findings – with the aid of psychoanalysis – enable us to have a deeper insight into the earliest aspirations of anthropogenesis which are unique in the dialectic contradictions and serve as the basic subject of psychoanalytical development theory. In additionas another importatn result, these findings give us new understanding for the secrets of infant psychopathology and enable us to develop new appropriate treatments.


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