Heinz Weiß: Der Andere in der Übertragung

Untersuchung über die analytische Situation und die Intersubjektivität in der Psychoanalyse.

11 Volumes
263 p.
ISBN 978-3-7728-0969-9
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In psychoanalysis, transference enjoys almost mystical prestige. According to Lacan, it has however always been the »driving technical divergences« which have prevented a real critique of the concept of transference. In this study, the author attempts to mitigate this shortcoming by questioning the intersubjective meaning of transference. It is the author’s desire in this book to put the phenomena of »language,« »wish« and »intersubjectivity« in a comprehensive context of interpretation which not only fulfills theoretical requirements but also takes into account the special conditions of the conversations in the psychoanalytic situation.

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