Allgemeine Zeitschrift für Philosophie: Über den Krieg. Ontologie, Moral und Psychologie

Heft 43.2/2018

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Lately, the word »war« in Europe has no longer been synonymous for a mere memory; it has become a real possibility again. Since Heraclitus, philosophy has been reflecting on war. However it does not see war only as principle of ontology and logic but also deals with its morality and the relationship between human beings and their »nature« and war. This issue considers all of these facets and addresses the question of a universal reality of war in the human world, reflecting on the relationship between morality and war, its cultural variability and its anthropological relevance. Its aim is to see to it that reflections on this subject, which unfortunately has become relevant once again in Europe, are carried out with the appropriate historical and intellectual depth.


  • Michael Hampe: Grausamkeit

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  • Ulrich Rudolph: Islamische Positionen zum Thema »Krieg«. Ein historischer Überblick

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  • Nadia Mazouz: Die Praxis des Krieges. Zur aktuellen Kontroverse um Theorien des gerechten Krieges

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  • Burkhard Liebsch: ›Uralter‹ Krieg und Neue Kriege. Fordert die neuere Gewaltgeschichte zur Revision der menschlichen conditio historica heraus?

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  • Victor Kempf: Einwanderung, Demokratie und Menschenrechte. Aktuelle migrationsethische Positionen in der Kritik
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