Isaac Newton: Opera quae extant omnia, Band 2

Reprint of the edition by Samuel Horsley (London 1779–1785).

ISBN 978-3-7728-2762-4
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This edition of Newton‘s (1643–1727) works has never been replaced altogether to the present day. In spite of Newton’s profound impact on natural sciences, it should not be overlooked that substantial parts of his writings deal with philosophical and theological problems. Evidence of this can be found in this edition. It contains all of Newton’s major theological works. As a religious thinker, Newton dealt with Jacob Böhme’s writings in the English translation by Sparrow, published in 1661. In his interpretation of the apocalypse and the Book of Daniel, Newton focuses on Böhme’s mystical thought.


  • Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica:
  • Definitiones
  • De methodo rationum primarum & ultimarum
  • De inventione orbium ellipticorum, parabolicum & hyperbolicorum ex umbilico dato
  • De inventione orbium ubi umbilicus neuter datur
  • De inventione matuum in orbibus datis
  • De corporum ascensu & descensu rectilineo
  • De inventione orbium in quibus corpora viribus quibuscunque centripetis agitata revolvuntur
  • De motu corporum in orbibus mobilibus, deque motu asidum
  • De motu corporum in superficiebus datis, deque funependulorum motu reciproco
  • De motu corporum viribus centripetis se mutuo petentium
  • De corporum sphaericorum viribus attractivis
  • De corporum non sphaericorum viribus attractivis
  • De motu corporum minimorum, quae viribus centripetis ad singulas magni alicujus corporis partes tendentibus agitantur
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