Günter Birtsch / Michael Trauth / Immo Meenken: Grundfreiheiten - Menschenrechte, 1500–1850

Eine internationale Bibliographie.

5 Volumes
CIII, 3050 p., 17,3 x 24,4 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-1355-9
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The importance of the subject demands an appropriate bibliographical analysis of the sources and the literature on the history of human rights. This first comprehensive international research bibliography on the comparative history of fundamental rights and civil rights and liberties is addressed to historians, legal scholars, political scientists, philosophers and theologians. In more than 16,000 multiply annotated titles and descriptions, literature on the entire development of human rights as well as on the history of the individual fundamental rights and civil rights and liberties has been collected in the spectrum of modern catalogues of fundamental rights. Due to its wealth of material, its classification scheme, its annotations and its easy handling, this reference work provides indispensable support for those doing research on the history of human rights.

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