Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling: Band 15: Kalender 1850

Edited by Martin Schraven.
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560 p., 14,8 x 20,5 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-2556-9
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The yearly calendars for 1850/1851 also provide new insights into Schelling’s philosophical, social and political life.Even although the revolution had been lost, he nevertheless monitored political developments in Germany and Europe suspiciously. In spite of physical impairments, during this time he continued his work on his negative philosophy, did critiques of works on biological evolution and the history of the earth (Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, Cuvier u. a.), studied Hegels philosophy of history and criticized Stahl’s inadequate reception of his own philosophy. The diaries show that and how he was involved in the social life of Berlin which however was frequently interrupted by trips, for example to Pyrmona and Württemberg.

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