Hieronymus Cardanus: Band 3: Physica

Faksimile-Neudruck der Ausgabe Lyon 1663.

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Cardanos (1501–1576) distinguished position in the history of science is based on the combination of his unusual encyclopedic knowledge and his creative thinking. His ›Ars magna‹ was a milestone in the history of algebra, the Cardan suspension is one of the mathematician’s basic tools. It is due to him that physics has inventions such as the Cardan shaft and medicine had its first clinical description of typhoid fever. Goethe said of him: »Cardan is one of those people whom posterity will never be able to manage.«


I. De Rerum Varietate

II. De Subtilitate

  • Liber I: De Principiis, materia, forma, vacuo, corporum repugnantia, motu naturali & loci
  • Liber II: De Elementis & eorum motibus & actionib
  • Liber III: De Cœlo
  • Liber IV: De Luce & Lumine
  • Liber V: De Mistione & mistis imperfecte seu metallicis
  • Liber VI: De Metallis
  • Liber VII: De Lapidibus
  • Liber VIII: De Plantis
  • Liber IX: De Animalibus quæ ex putredine generantur
  • Liber X: De Perfectis Animalibus
  • Liber XI: De Hominis necessitate & forma
  • Liber XII: De Hominis natura & temperamento
  • Liber XIII: De Sensibus, sensibusque ac voluptate
  • Liber XIV: De Anima & intellectu
  • Liber XV: De Inutilibus subtilitatibus
  • Liber XVI: De Scientiis
  • Liber XVII: De artibus artificiosisque rebus
  • Liber XVIII: De Mirabilibus & modo repræsentandi res varias præter fidem
  • Liber XIX: De Dæmonibus
  • Liber XX: De Primis Substantiis seu vitiis
  • Liber XXI: De Deo & Uniuerso
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