Band 2,1-3: 1601-1800

1.092 Katalognummern. Teil 1: 1601–1700, Teil 2: 1701–1800, Teil 3: 1601–1800: Anhang.

Edited by Stefan Strohm.
Catalogued by Stefan Strohm.
XXXVI, 1394 p., 20,8 x 29,0 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-0852-4
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€ 1,677.–


The three volumes in this set contain the editions of Bibles printed in the eras of orthodoxy, pietism and the Enlightenment. The forces at work in these eras are reflected in the forms of the Bibles. In the 16th century, the text was said to be firmly established. However the linguistic changes in German made it necessary to make serious changes in the biblical text. Entirely unlike the Reformation era, historical positivity and archival awareness resulted in a demand for the original text. This however was countered by the subjectivity of feelings and emotion. It was both of these forces which led to revisions and an abundance of new translations. The catalogue attempts to indicate the stages of revision and gives the literary and artistic additions. Apart from its use as a bibliography, this catalogue of the most sumptuous collection of German Bibles of that era provides a rough description of the way the Bible changed in changing temporal horizons.

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