Musikalien und Tonträger zu Hölderlin von 1806–1999

Sonderband auf der Grundlage der Sammlungen des Hölderlin-Archivs der Württembergischen Landesbibliothek. Herausgegeben vom Hölderlin-Archiv.

XXVIII, 596 p., 17,8 x 24,5 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-1928-5
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More than one thousand music editions, manuscript copies, records, CDs and tape recordings and musical renderings of Hölderlin’s texts or compositions dedicated to him by about 400 different composers are listed and made accessible in this work. One chapter is dedicated to the few pieces of music which Hölderlin knew or played himself. The work also includes previously unknown translations of Hölderlin texts in the music editions as well as more than 60 recitations by famous narrators. All the music and the recordings are in the Hölderlin Archive and are available for use. Comprehensive indexes enable in-depth research from various perspectives, since those responsible have tried to deal with as many issues as possible. There are explanatory notes to supplement the special volume. This publication completes the project of bibliographical reappraisal of special collections sponsored by the Volkswagen Foundation.


Hessischer Rundfunk

»Es gibt - natürlich - auf diesem Sektor nichts Vergleichbares. [...] Was immer man also über Vertonungen Hölderlinscher Texte wissen will, hier kann man es nachschlagen. [...] Diese Bibliographie bleibt keine Antwort schuldig.«

Hessischer Rundfunk
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