Sebastian Franck: Band II,1: Frühe Schriften: Kommentar

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Sebastian Franck’s so-called ›Geschichtsbibel‹ (Historical Bible), published in 1531, became part of the history of ideas. It is however the five books written between 1528 and 1530, which are compiled in the first volume of the edition, which are more useful for gaining a deeper understanding of his background and of his novel and controversial point of view. Sebastian Franck‘s early works were without exception translations whose meaning was however changed and even partially reversed by the editor. The process of a paraphrasing problematization, which was typical of Franck, made a commentary imperative, and that is what has been done here. The significance of the idea of a spirituality which transcended all confessions and religions, an idea which was extremely dangerous at that time, emerges when all the modifications in Franck’s editing become visible. The commentary gives a picture of the young writer’s search in his thoughts and works which will be of interest not only to experts in this field but also to those readers who are less familiar with early Early New High German.


Jean Borel, Revue de Théologie et de Philosophie

»Ce premier tome [...] de la première édition scientifique des oeuvres complètes de Sebastian Franck (1499–1542) est une réussite. Hans-Gert Roloff et Christoph Dejung l’ont réalisé avec toutes les règles de l’art académique en maîtrisant aussi bien les difficultés philologiques que les problèmes historiques et doctrinaux que posent une édition critique et la compréhension des textes.«

Jean Borel,
Revue de Théologie et de Philosophie
Philipp Wälchli, Zwingliana

»[...] der erste Kommentarband [erweist sich] als verheißungsvoll für die gesamte Reihe.«

Philipp Wälchli,
Yvonne Dellsperger, Zeitschrift für Kirchengeschichte

»Die skizzierten Leitgedanken des vorliegenden Kommentarbandes zeigen, dass Dejung mit seinen thesenreichen Ausführungen und Beobachtungen überholte Forschungsmeinungen auf der Basis gründlicher Nachforschungen hinterfragt und mit seinen Gedanken der Franck-Forschung zahlreiche neue Impulse gegeben hat.«

Yvonne Dellsperger,
Zeitschrift für Kirchengeschichte
Armin Wenz, Logia

»There is nothing compared to this critical edition.«

Armin Wenz,

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