Salomon Maimon: Gesamtausgabe

Edited by Ives Radrizzani.
Ca. 10 Volumes
ISBN 978-3-7728-2451-7
1 volume available, 9 volumes in preparation

Structure of the edition:

Reihe I: Deutsche Schriften
Reihe II: Hebräische Schriften

»Salomon Maimon is without a doubt the most astute thinker in the development of philosophy between Kant and Fichte«. This classic adage of Richard Kroner’s paid Maimon (1753–1800) the attention he was due. However by reducing him to a role in the history of »From Kant to Hegel« he made it difficult to give an appropriate evaluation of his complex work. It is however precisely Maimon’s anachronistic thinking which is so fascinating. It was not until he had studied such different philosophers as Aristoteles, Maimonides, Leibniz, Spinoza, Hume and Kant that Maimon developed his own philosophy. His multi-faceted philosophizing, a result of his encounter with various traditions and cultures, is still waiting to be discovered.

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