Karl Christian Friedrich Krause: Band IV: Schriften zur Rechtsphilosophie

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Krause‘s philosophy of right is the most forceful part of his work. Drawing on natural law traditions, Krause, unlike Kant, identified right positively as the totality of the external conditions of the reasonable life of human beings and society. This results in surprisingly modern demands, such as for example women’s rights and the rights of nature as well as as a cosmopolitanism based on philosophy. This volume includes: ›Grundlage des Naturrechts‹, Jena 1803; ›Entwurf eines europäischen Staatenbundes. Reprint of the first edition in the ›Deutschen Blättern‹‹, (1814); ›Abriß des Systemes der Philosophie des Rechtes, oder des Naturrechtes‹, Göttingen 1828.

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