Karl Christian Friedrich Krause: Band VI: System der Philosophie. Göttingen 1828

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ISBN 978-3-7728-2346-6
First half of 2025

Published during his lifetime, this book is Krause’s most important philosophical-systematic work. Due to its unique division into two main parts, the ›Subjektiven, Einleitenden‹ (subjective, introductory) and the ›Objektiven, (objective) Grunderkennenden‹ (perception of fundamentals), Immanuel Hermann Fichte was one of those who gave Krause’s ›System‹ high praise. For those wishing to understanding Krause’s unique and highly interesting ›Panentheismus‹ (panentheism), this book is indispensable. Everything in the intuition of evidence is based on the absolute as a basic essence, and the absolute is present in each finite and historical development. This volume renders Krause’s basic philosophy, its metaphysical foundations as well as its stimulus for life comprehensible.

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