Shaftesbury (Anthony Ashley Cooper): Band I,4: Printed Notes to the ›Characteristicks‹ u.a.

Edited, translated and annotated by Wolfram Benda, Wolfgang Lottes, Friedrich A. Uehlein and Erwin Wolff.
486 p., 17,2 x 24,4 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-0766-4
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Printed Notes to the ›Characteristicks‹ / Anmerkungen zu den ›Characteristicks‹
Shaftesbury’s Index to the ›Characteristicks‹
Latin Authors quoted in the ›Characteristicks‹ / Übersetzung der lateinischen Zitate in den ›Characteristicks‹

Being the final volume in the critical edition of ›Characteristicks‹, it contains Shaftesbury’s footnotes as found in both the 1711 and the 1714 texts, together with his index to all six treatises. In addition to cross-referencing, the footnotes offer a considerable amount of explanatory or supplementary material; in many cases they enlarge on the train of thought pursued in the main text. The analytic index shows not only the headings and page references one would expect to find: closer inspection also reveals numerous entries which highlight concealed intratextual links and parallels – pointers towards a deeper understanding of the text.

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