Shaftesbury (Anthony Ashley Cooper): Band I,1: Soliloquy u.a.

Edited, translated and annotated by Wolfram Benda and Gerd Hemmerich.
444 p., 17,2 x 24,4 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-0757-2
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Soliloquy: or, Advice to an Author / Selbstgespräch oder Ratschlag an einen Autor
A Letter concerning Enthusiasm / Ein Brief über den Enthusiasmus
The Adept Ladys … In a Letter to a Brother / Die eingeweihten Damen … In einem Brief an einen Bruder

In ›Soliloquy‹, the last of the essays to be published separately before their joint appearance as ›Characteristicks‹, Shaftesbury discusses the importance of critical self-knowledge. The form of soliloquy or self-communion advocated is more than simply the means by which such self-illumination can be achieved: it must be one of the first principles of the enlightened mind. Writers especially are to adopt the self-discoursive approach and, by demonstrating it without dogmatism in letters, essays, and dialogues, encourage in their readers a free and critical attitude towards themselves and the world. – The two epistolary pieces, ›A Letter concerning Enthusiasm‹ and ›The Adept Ladies‹ (the text of the latter is edited here for the first time in full), were both written with the behaviour of contemporary religious sects in mind; the ›Letter‹ is, more specifically, a response to the disturbing fervour generated in London by the French Prophets or Camisards, a group of Protestants who had fled to England from the Cévennes.


Lori Branch, Eighteenth-Century-Studies

»This is sure to be the authoritative edition for decades to come, one that opens the field for new work on texts that are by turns passionate, hauntingly beautiful, and alienating in their austerty.«

Lori Branch,
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