Shaftesbury (Anthony Ashley Cooper): Band III,1: Correspondence. Letters 1–100 (December 1683–February 1700)

With the assistance of Wolfram Benda.
Advising co-editor: Rudolf Freiburg.
478 p., 17,4 x 24,4 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-0769-5
Single price:
€ 329.–

The first complete edition of the correspondence, these volumes provide all the letters from and to Shaftesbury, which today are mainly kept in British archives, in their original form or as a copy. Concise explanations shed light on the biographical and historical background. The letters enable the reader to gain new insight into the earl’s private life and political activities, and in addition shed new light on his relationships to other intellectuals of his time. Reading this correspondence will unquestionably provide Shaftesbury researchers with new inspiration in the coming years.


James Pratt, The Eigtheenth-Century Intelligencer

»The editorial principles are sound, and the scholarship is thorough and exemplary. [...] The footnotes are extensive, even daunting. As the foregoing comparison with the Rand edition implies, a great quantity of Shaftesbury’s correspondence has never before been printed prior to its inclusion in the SE. Even for those letters which have been previously published, the SE should supersede all previous editions.«

James Pratt,
The Eigtheenth-Century Intelligencer
Laurent Jaffro, La lettre clandestine

»Ce premier volume, à tous égards une très grande réussite, est pour l’historien de la philosophie une sorte d’apéritif qui annonce les nourritures plus substantielles, sur le plan philosophique, de la période ultérieure.«

Laurent Jaffro,
La lettre clandestine
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