Julius Caesar Scaliger: Band III: Buch 3, Kapitel 95-126, und Buch 4

edited, translated, introduced and annotated by Luc Deitz.
653 p., 17,9 x 24,5 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-1504-1
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€ 252.–

Scaliger’s (1484–1558) ›Poetices libri septem‹, published in 1561 for the first time, is the most comprehensive and probably the most influential poetological compendium of the Renaissance. What is presumably the most famous work of the Italian-French humanist is now being presented in a critical bilingual edition for the first time. A critical apparatus and a list of sources have been included with the Latin text. The German translation has been provided with explanatory annotations. Each book is preceded by a short introduction.


Sixteenth Century Journal

»As in volumes 1 and 2, the meticulous and userfriendly work of Luc Deitz in volume three continues to impress the reader.«

Sixteenth Century Journal
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