Carl Gottlieb Svarez: Zweite Abteilung: Die Preußische Rechtsreform

ISBN 978-3-7728-1797-7
7 volumes available

This section provides the ›Entwurf eines allgemeinen Gesetzbuches für die preußischen Staaten‹ (1784–1788) (Draft of a General Code of Law for the Prussian State), which can be traced back to Svarez, the ›Allgemeine Gesetzbuch‹ (1791) (General Code of Law) and the ›Allgemeine Landrecht‹ (1794) (Prussian Civil Code), the articles of all of which have been linked together, in addition to all the existing material. In addition it provides an overview of all the material on the Prussian legal reform (1779-1798) which is stored in the secret state archives of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, a selection of Svarez manuscripts belonging to them and a bibliography which also illustrates the public discussion surrounding the legal reform.

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