Johann Fischart: Band III: Das Sechste Buch vom Amadis (1572)

Edited by Ulrich Seelbach.
367 p., 68 ill., 17,3 x 25,0 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-1838-7
Single price:
€ 256.–

Fischart translated the sixth book of the over 20 installments of the never-ending chivalric romance by Amadis de Gaula. He was one of the few »interpreters« of the roman-fleuve, translated from the French, whose name was able to be determined. The translation thus also makes it possible to do comparative studies of the translation techniques in the 16th century, and of the style and syntax in contrast to other works by the translator. The new edition includes illustrations of the original woodcuts, the typographical errors in the text of the 1572 edition have been eliminated. In doing this, both the second publication in 1576 and the collected edition in 1583 were taken into consideration.

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