Antoine Louis Claude Destutt de Tracy: Band II: Grammatik

Auf der Grundlage der Übersetzung aus dem Französischen von Claus Sonnenschein-Werner.

Edited, introduced and annotated by Hans Jörg Sandkühler.
XXVI, 325 p., 15,4 x 21,1 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-2732-7
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eISBN 978-3-7728-3102-7
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Constituting the second volume of the Idéologie that he founded in 1803, Destutt de Tracy published his Grammar as a »science of signs«; it marks the transition from linguistics to semiotics. In a critical debate with the leading grammarians of his time, his analytic theory of all elements of proposition and syntax argues against hieroglyphic and symbolic scripts, and for a generally applicable ›philosophical‹ universal language, and is also opposed to a universal language solely for scholars that would be detrimental to the enlightenment of the people.

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