Shaftesbury (Anthony Ashley Cooper): Band II,6: Askemata I (Englisch)

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Askemata I (Englisch)

The ›Askêmata‹ documents Shaftesbury‘s ›Study of Happiness‹, the practice of a philosophical life. It was written for the most part in times of outer and inner withdrawal from public life. Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius are omnipresent as role models. By means of philosophical self-analysis, Shaftesbury tried to find a fundamental philosophy which focused on the essentials and of which only the practical implementation could lead to virtue, to real happiness. This is the first edition of the completely critically-edited text. In addition to an introduction and annotations there is additional previously unpublished material in the volume.


Anthony W. Lee, The Scriblerian

»[...] The Askêmata appears here in an exhaustively complete, fully annotated, meticulously edited, and beautifully printed critical edition. [...] I came away from this book energized. A powerful mind working on imposing issues is difficult to resist, regardless of whether one agrees with the answers given or not. And in this respect, the Askêmata is self-recommending.«

Anthony W. Lee,
The Scriblerian
Paddy Bullard, The Review of English Studies

»The volume promises to be something of a showpiece for the Standard Edition, and for Shaftesbury studies generally. It is beautifully printed (as usual), erudite, accurate and edited with scholarly discretion, promising to be the definitive edition of Shaftesbury’s complicated, important text for many years to come.«

Paddy Bullard,
The Review of English Studies
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