Shaftesbury (Anthony Ashley Cooper): Band II,8: Miscellaneous Minor Works

English edition.

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ISBN 978-3-7728-0762-6
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Miscellaneous Minor Works In this volume, a series of shorter works are published and annotated (some of them for the first time). These consist of the political tracts ›The Danger of Mercenary Parliaments‹ und ›Paradoxes of State‹, written presumably in cooperation with John Toland as well as notes on the life and work of Horace and the Latin ›Pathologia‹ (with an English translation). It also includes ›Notes‹ on Epictetus, two fables as well as instructions for horticulture and diverse fragments. In addition, the volume provides a series of biographical documents from the Shaftesbury Papers in The National Archives.


Lori Branch, Eighteenth-Century-Studies

»This is sure to be the authoritative edition for decades to come, one that opens the field for new work on texts that are by turns passionate, hauntingly beautiful, and alienating in their austerty.«

Lori Branch,
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