Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi: Band 1,1-1,2: Die Denkbücher Friedrich Heinrich Jacobis

2 Volumes
650 p., 8 ill., 17,6 x 24,5 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-2253-7

The unorthodox style and the diversity of Jacobi’s thought can best be experienced in his notebooks, the ›Denkbüchern‹. They show someone whose profession was philosophy, far removed from academic constraints, someone who was passionate and an intellectual, someone who wrote down the things that moved him: precursors to philosophical debates, spontaneous thoughts on literature or politics, collectanea as well as transcripts of letters received or drafts of his own letters. The ›Denkbücher‹ are considered to be the key to understanding many ambiguous passages and thus constitute an indispensable addition to the correspondence and his works. It is only through these that many of Jacobi’s thoughts have been handed down. The eleven extant notebooks are now available in this text-critical edition.

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