Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi: Dokumente

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Before the current stage of his reception, the significance of Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi (1743–1819) was seen from a narrow perspective as far as the history of philosophy and of literature are concerned. Hegel however called him a »turning point in the intellectual development of the time«. Jacobi‘s correspondence with almost all the representatives of German intellectual life around 1800 and his philosophical and literary works are as it were the »common thread« which joins the impetuous development of the philosophy of Kant and Hamann with Herder, Fichte, Hegel and the late Schelling and connects it with the literature of these years, with Wieland, Lessing and Goethe. His letters and works are an intellectual entity made accessible in the four sections of this edition.

Jacobi: Briefwechsel - Nachlaß - Dokumente. Dokumente


Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi: Band 1,1-1,2: Die Bibliothek Friedrich Heinrich Jacobis

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