Rolf Elberfeld: Phänomenologie der Zeit im Buddhismus

Methoden interkulturellen Philosophierens. 2. unveränderte Aufl.

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Rolf Elberfeld develops the methodical requirements necessary in order to address the phenomenon of time in Buddhism from a philosophical perspective and, based on this, discusses texts on the phenomenon of time by four thinkers from India, China and Japan, giving a sentence by sentence analysis of the famous text ›Uji‹ written by the Zen Buddhist author Dōgen. Elberfeld draws on key standpoints in the philosophy of time in Europe in order to create a comprehensive »transformative phenomenology of time,« which connects both traditions fruitfully in a new way. The author was awarded the Straniak Philosophy Prize in 2001 for this study.


Stephan Günzel,

»In mehrfacher Hinsicht liegt mit Rolf Elberfelds Habilitationsschrift eine einschneidende Studie vor: Vordringlich markiert sie das Ende des Philosophierens über Interkulturalität, des Missbrauchs von Kulturen als Gegenstand einer in jeder Hinsicht metatheoretischen Reflexion.«

Stephan Günzel,
Wing-cheuk Chan, China Review International

»In writing this book, Elberfeld has done a great service to the comparative study of Dôgen and Heidegger. First of all, he has produced an extensive work dealing with the problem of time, one of the most difficult topics in philosophy. His encyclopedic knowledge of both Eastern and Western philosophy also makes this text a good introduction to Buddhism and phenomenology. [...] It is a reasonable expectation that Elberfeld’s effort will become the paradigm case in doing comparative philosophy in years to come.«

Wing-cheuk Chan,
China Review International
Martin Lehnert, Asiatische Studien

»[Elberfelds Studie] unternimmt ein ebenso couragiertes wie anspruchsvolles gedankliches Experiment.«

Martin Lehnert,
Asiatische Studien
Karl Baier, polylog

»Elberfeld [gehört] zu den wichtigsten Stimmen interkultureller Philosophie im deutschen Sprachraum.«

Karl Baier,
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