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Umschlagfoto – nicht vorhandenUmschlagfoto – nicht vorhandenUmschlagfoto – nicht vorhandenUmschlagfoto – nicht vorhanden
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Jacob Böhme (1575–1624) is one of the most fascinating and stimulating figures in early modern intellectual history. Originating in the time of the confessions, his work has radiated far beyond and perhaps found its most intensive reception in the time of German Idealism. It continues to provoke debate to this day. The interdisciplinary series ›Böhme-Forschungen‹ offers a forum for research dealing with his life and impact. Department I publishes the results of the International Jacob Böhme Conferences, which Böhme’s hometown of Görlitz has been organising every two years since 2021 together with its editorial board. Department II is open for monographs and also essay volumes from Böhme research.


Umschlagfoto – nicht vorhanden

Böhme-Forschungen Abt. II

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