Europäische Literatur der Frühen Neuzeit. Arbeiten und Editionen

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This new series, entitled ›Europäische Literatur der Frühen Neuzeit‹ (European Literature of the Early Modern Era), deals with intellectual phenomena in Europe between the Middle Ages and the Modern Era, between the Council of Constance and the French Revolution. It presents critical editions of texts of the Early Modern Era which reflect the intellectual situation in Europe and the exchange during this time. It does however also include independent works and studies of this subject. In addition, the series features documents on the reception of a pivotal text or a contemporary event. Editorial supplements to each of the volumes refer to the philological structure of the text, the textual history, as well as its impact and reception. Introductions and commentaries serve to provide a better understanding of the texts and to give the reader information on the authors.

Europäische Literatur der Frühen Neuzeit. Arbeiten und Editionen


Maria die Himmels-Thür

Ein anonymes Theophilus-Drama 1655 bei den Straubinger Jesuiten aufgeführt.

Edited by André Schnyder.
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