ISBN 978-3-7728-2500-2
1 volume Array, 23 in 26 Volumes available, 5 in 15 Volumes in preparation

Gliederung: Abt. I. Texte; Abt. II. Untersuchungen

The ›Texts‹ series presents key source texts of the political and legal theories of the Middle Ages and the Early Modern era. These texts are published in the original language together with a translation into a modern language. In doing so, the series seeks to provide for a better understanding of the intellectual and institutional formation of modern European culture and politics. Additionally the ›Studies‹ series introduces important contributions to the History of Ideas and the development of Political Philosophy and the History of Law during the same period. Both series will help to analyze not only the history of notions, ideas and theories, but also the contribution of these traditions to today’s ongoing discussions of future concepts of politics, law and morality in a globalizing world.

Politische Philosophie und Rechtstheorie des Mittelalters und der Neuzeit




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