Norbert Hinske: Band 3: Stellenindex zu Johann Heinrich Lambert ›Anlage zur Architectonic I‹

With the assistance of Rainer A. Bast and Birgit Nehren.
XXVII, 297 p., 17,8 x 24,5 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-0877-7
Single price:
€ 218.–

Along with his ›Neuen Organon‹, Lambert’s ›Anlage zur Architectonic‹ (Architectonics) was one of the most influential philosophical works of the 18th century. The second and third part of this work in particular continue to deal with the problems of Wolff’s ontology – which Wolff and Baumgarten had already called ›architectonics‹ – while at the same putting them in a larger context. Kant in particular was influenced considerably by this. The objective of these indices, which were compiled using EDP methods, is to contribute to a better understanding of Lambert’s philosophy and to make and to enable a precise examination of its influence. To begin with, they contain the entire linguistic heritage, each part of which is in a main index, and list all the places each word is mentioned with the number of the page and the line. In view of the fact that there are not many reliable reference works for the 18th century, these indices are of interest not only to philosophers but also to literary scholars and philologists, since they document the language of that era unerringly and provide information on dates which can help with questions of historical language analysis. In addition, the volumes also contain several special indices which will serve special research interests. These include an index of persons as well as an index of the linguistic heritage in Latin, which is an important addition in view of the lack of lexica which are relevant to the Latin of the 18th century.

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