Johann Gottlieb Fichte: Band IV,6: Kollegnachschriften 1812–1814

Gesamtausgabe der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften.

XII, 575 p., 12 ill., 22,3 x 27,1 cm.
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The student transcripts of this volume considerably facilitate our understanding of Fichte’s difficult and terse preparatory texts. This not only holds for the revised lectures of the later works on the »Rechtslehre« and »Sittenlehre« of 1812, but also for »The Facts of Consciousness« and the Wissenschaftslehre (both from early 1813), the »Introduction to the Wissenschaftslehre« (Fall, 1813) and the 1814 Wissenschaftslehre. The lecture transcript entitled »Darstellung des Christenthums« documents a portion of the lectures on the »Staatslehre«. Because of its various hypothetical approaches to the elements that constitute consciousness, »The Facts of Consciousness« merely serves as an introduction to the Wissenschaftslehre. Whereas it is the task of the Wissenschaftslehre itself to supply a complete deduction of the cognitive presuppositions of these elements within a systematic framework. War forced the suspension of these lectures, and in winter 1813/14 Fichte renewed his attempt. Of these there is extant a hitherto unpublished transcript of a comprehensive »Introduction«, followed by five lectures from the 1814 Wissenschaftslehre. The latter was cut short by Fichte’s death.


  • Rechtslehre 1812
  • Sittenlehre von 1812
  • Thatsachen des Bewußtseins Frühjahr 1813
  • Wissenschaftslehre (Frühjahr 1813)
  • Darstellung des Christenthums
  • Einleitung in die Wissenschaftslehre vom Herbst 1813
  • Wissenschaftslehre 1814
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