Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling: Band II,7,1-2: ›System der gesammten Philosophie‹ und weitere Schriften (1804–1807)

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Between 1801 and 1806, Schelling gave lectures on his system of philosophy, first of all at the university in Jena, and then later in Würzburg. The manuscript containing the lectures was not published until 1860, after Schelling’s death, in Volume 6 of the ›Sämmtlichen Werken‹ (Complete Works). The Würzburg System is the only complete exposition of Schelling’s identity philosophy which has been preserved. In it, Schelling gives a detailed description of the relationship between the philosophy of nature and the philosophy of mind. This edition contains the text from the ›Sämmtlichen Werken‹ (Complete Works) and compares it to the transcripts of the lectures. Further texts contained in the volume are the ›Propädeutik‹ (Propaedeutics) (1804), Schelling’s reply to a criticism made by Johannes von Müller and the fragment entitled ›Über das Wesen deutscher Wissenschaft‹ (On the Nature of German Science) (1807).

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