Band 2: Johann Franz Budde (1667–1729)

Lehr-Sätze der Atheisterey und dem Aberglauben mit gelehrten Anmerkungen erläutert (1767).

With an introduction edited by Rüdiger Otto.
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PhC II,2
ISBN 978-3-7728-1459-4

In J. F. Budde, Protestant Christianity in the early 18th century had found a defender, who was open to certain causes of the Enlightenment (for example the struggle against superstition), but who opposed the emerging radical Enlightenment tendencies more resolutely. He did this as a philosopher who tried to protect the basic pillars of Christianity and of natural theology and to refute the objections of the atheists, and also as a scholarly bibliographer who was familiar with the heterodox thinking of his time. Both of these factors make his work especially valuable for the history of philosophy and theology during the Enlightenment, especially since it was published and translated several times and defined the discussions on atheism into the second half of the 18th century outside of Germany as well. This reprint of 1767 has been greatly expanded in the annotation apparatus.

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