Psychoanalysis International
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It is well known that the cradle of psychoanalysis was in Vienna, the scene of Sigmund Freud’s activities at the beginning of the century. But how and when did psychoanalysis reach the other European countries? What developments did it undergo there? How did the different mentalities, political, and cultural backgrounds as well as the personal particularities of its respective advocates affect psychoanalysis? What was its position in the past and what is its position today? – These and other questions on the varied development and the present situation of psychoanalysis in the countries of Eastern and Western Europe are investigated by renowned psychoanalysts drawing on the experience and knowledge acquired in their own work. The result is »a new compendium on psychoanalysis in Europe« containing all up-to-date information; informative and instructive, at times as exciting as a detective story, it is possibly of interest even to non-analysts.



Joseph Sandler, London

»I really do think that the book is extremely good, and should be in every psychoanalytic library.«

Joseph Sandler,

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