Dietrich von Engelhardt: Medizin in Romantik und Idealismus. Band 3: Mediziner der Romantik

Teilband 3: Mediziner der Romantik.

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ISBN 978-3-7728-2953-6
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In Volume 3, Dietrich von Engelhardt presents the most important physicians of German Romanticism with their lives and works. This information is supplemented by a comprehensive bibliography of their monographs, essays and reviews. The weight and scope of the empirical content of the theories and concepts, diagnostics and therapy are impressive - an indisputable refutation of the neglect of reality of which the physicians were accused. Physics and metaphysics, theory and practice, feeling and understanding, humanity and science are not alternatives for them; their goal is to overcome the separation of natural science, spiritual science, art and life. The resonance of the romantic orientation in medicine around 1800 is far-reaching, obviously the significance for the present.

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