Dietrich von Engelhardt: Medizin in Romantik und Idealismus. Band 4: Forschungsbibliographie

Teilband 4: Forschungsbibliographie.

In cooperation with Ulrike von Engelhardt.
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MPh 17,4
512 p.
ISBN 978-3-7728-2954-3
May 2023
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With 6.400 titles, Volume 4 offers the world’s most comprehensive international and interdisciplinary research bibliography on the medicine and natural science of German Romanticism and the natural philosophy of German Idealism from 1800 to the present. Dietrich von Engelhardt considers contributions from a wide range of disciplines by German, Romance, Slavic, Scandinavian and Asian as well as Anglo-American researchers, who thus receive attention and recognition and, with this interdisciplinary orientation of this bibliography in the spirit of Romanticism, counteract today’s dominant specialisation in the sciences and support the dialogue between the cultures of the natural sciences and the humanities, the arts and life.

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