Ingo Rechenberg: Tabacha die Purzelbaumspinne und Tabbot das Saltomobil

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328 p., 310 ill.
ISBN 978-3-7728-2881-2
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€ 29.90
eISBN 9783772832383
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It is unique in the living world on our planet: An animal that, driven by its muscles, can roll performing somersaults. The desert spider Cebrennus rechenbergi can do it. Her life in the desert Erg Chebbi, full of episodes, her art to move sometimes running, sometimes rolling depending on the terrain, is the subject of the book. Tabacha is the name of the somersault spider and tabbot is the robot, which bionic engineers have developed based on the model of the spider. Thus the book is instructive for the generally interested animal lover, for the arachnologist but also for the robot designer.

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