Philipp Melanchthon: Band 5: Regesten 4530-5707 (1547–1549)

Edited by Heinz Scheible.
With the assistance of Walter Thüringer.
551 p., 18,0 x 25,4 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-1148-7
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€ 298.–

The vicissitudes of the Schmalkaldic War and Melanchthon’s flight to Zerbst and Nordhausen, his return for the reopening of the University of Wittemberg under the new territorial ruler Moritz von Sachsen, his work as an ecclesiopolitical expert on the Augsburg Interim which resulted from this and his impact on Electoral Saxony were the most important events between 1547 and 1549. For the first time, the exact dates of numerous documents from the archives and of letters have been established.

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