Philipp Melanchthon: Band 9: Addenda und Konkordanzen

403 p., 18,0 x 25,4 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-1972-8
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In the first part, this first volume of source material for the previous volumes contains those regesta, numbered consecutively, whose dates have not been determined or were not able to be exactly determined. These are followed by the dated addenda with sub-numbers and finally supplements and corrections of the regesta of volumes 1 to 8. The second part consists of concordances which will help to locate the letters in the older editions in ›Melanchthons Briefwechsel‹. (Melanchthon’s Correspondence) Included in this are ›Corpus Reformatorum‹ and the editions of Bindseil, Krause, Supplementa Melanchthoniana, a selection of Melanchthon’s works and finally the parts of Melanchthon’s correspondence contained as well in the volumes of letters of the Weimar edition of Martin Luther’s works.


Heinrich C. Kuhn, München

»Volume 9 is a valuable addition to the series [...] This is an admirable volume of an admirable series.«

Heinrich C. Kuhn,
Timothy Wengert, The Sixteenth Century Journal

»This volume is yet another milestone in the trek of the Melanchthon-Forschungsstelle.«

Timothy Wengert,
The Sixteenth Century Journal
Alois Schmid, Zeitschrift für bayrische Landesgeschichte

»Das bedeutendste Editionsunternehmen auf dem Gebiet der humanistischen Epistolographie, das derzeit in Deutschland betrieben wird, ist durch zwei gewichtige Bände weitergeführt worden.«

Alois Schmid,
Zeitschrift für bayrische Landesgeschichte
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