Johannes Reuchlin: Band IV: 1518–1522

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The letters in this volume were written during the last four and a half years of Reuchlin’s life and show the impact of the war in Württemberg (1519) and of Reuchlin’s work as a professor of Greek and Hebrew in Ingolstadt (1520) and Tübingen (1521/1522). Reuchlin did not join Luther‘s Reformation, in whose undertow his lawsuit against the citizens of Cologne ended in defeat in 1520 in Rome. This led to a break with many of his old companions, among whom were Ulrich von Hutten and Philipp Melanchthon.


David Price, Renaissance Quarterly

»With this volume, Matthias Dall’Asta and Gerald Dörner have brought to a magnificent conclusion their monumental edition of the correspondence of Johannes Reuchlin. [...] The truly great achievement of Dall’Asta and Dörner lies in the impeccable textual scholarship and expansive commentary. [...] The commentary is a model for editions of Renaissance correspondence.«

David Price,
Renaissance Quarterly
Franz Posset, Sixteenth-Century Journal

»With this exemplary edition a new and solid foundation has been laid for future studies on the life, work, and times of one of the most significant polyglot humanists of the Renaissance on the eve of the Reformation. [...] With the completion of this monumental edition of Reuchlin’s correspondence the scholars of the history of Christian and Jewish literature, philology, philosophy, and theology of the Renaissance and the early Reformation [...] may now have the opportunity to expand their horizons and perhaps also question previously held positions.«

Franz Posset,
Sixteenth-Century Journal
Marc Laureys, Neulateinisches Jahrbuch

»As in the previous volumes, the editorial work is exemplary and the commentary exceptionally rich, yet perfectly balanced. [...] the new four-volume edition of Reuchlin’s correspondence has put Reuchlin studies on a new footing and provides a wealth of documentation for one of the crucial periods in the intellectual history of Europe.«

Marc Laureys,
Neulateinisches Jahrbuch
Antonia Landois, Pirkheimer Jahrbuch für Renaissance- und Humanismusforschung

»Mit dem letzten Band der Edition kommt ein geradezu vorbildhaftes Projekt zur Erschließung eines Gelehrtenbriefwechsels zu seinem beeindruckenden Abschluss.«

Antonia Landois,
Pirkheimer Jahrbuch für Renaissance- und Humanismusforschung
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